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Apply to the PACE Undergraduate Programs to enhance your skill set, finish a degree program, or pursue a new career. The PACE Undergraduate Programs are designed for working professionals and busy adults.

After applying below, you will be contacted by an admissions representative regarding your application. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact the admissions staff for the PACE Undergraduate Programs at: (808) 735-4755 or

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Military Status Notice

In order to receive the Military Tuition Rate offered to Chaminade University of Honolulu students, verification of affiliation and identity is required. Students sending in a military transcript do not need to go through the verification process. Those without a military transcript must contact a Chaminade PACE representative (i.e. admissions counselor or advisor) to complete the Military Tuition Rate Verification form. The Military Tuition Rate is given based on current Military documentation presented prior to enrollment. No copies will be made or kept of any verification document. Chaminade students who fall into the following categories are eligible for a Military Tuition Rate: Active Duty, Reserve/National Guard, Military Dependents, Department of Defense Employees, and Veterans. Please contact your admissions counselor or advisor for more information.

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Chaminade Employee Notice

Application fees are waived for current Chaminade employees. Please select "Check" as payment option to continue with the application.

When your application has been submitted it will still request that you "Please make your $25 check payable to: Chaminade University," but this message can be safely ignored for current Chaminade employees.

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Withdrawal And Refund Policy

Withdrawal forms may be obtained from the Registrar's office on the main campus or from the Program Coordinators:

Late registrations are included in this policy.


A refund of tuition will be made in accordance with the following policy:

  • Withdrawal prior to the first day of instruction: 100%
  • Withdrawal during add/drop period: 100%
  • Withdrawal during the second week of instruction: 25%
  • Withdrawal thereafter: NO REFUND
I have read the above policy statement and I accept the conditions.*
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